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Meet the team

Our Sol team is proudly supported by a collective of female creators, or who we love to call our “Sol Sisters”. We don’t believe in just “painting it pink”, we act with authenticity, sensitivity and perceptiveness when we create work that consciously targets a female audience.


"We create authentic stories for brands, whilst also supporting a collective of inspiring and empowered women".

Nikita, our Creative Director



Collectively we are Directors, Photographers, Designers, Editors, Gaffers, Creators, Producers, Art directors,  Cinematographers, Copywriters, Illustrators

and many others. 



We're not interested in creating campaigns for the sake of creating content - we want to create movements that change the game and challenge societal norms. 

We want to create marketing campaigns that put women front and centre.  Both in front of the camera and behind. 

We're especially interested in projects that celebrate women who are succeeding in "traditionally" male dominated spaces.

Closing that gap

We're on a mission to help close the gender gap in commercial production by providing opportunities and mentorship to women and underrepresented talent.


Join our Sisterhood

Working with women and talent from underrepresented groups makes our hearts sing.

Being a minority in the industry we have a heightened lack of tolerance for racism, discrimination, harassment or hate.

We recognise that we urgently need to make more space for the female and underrepresented voices on all levels. Which is why we created a community all handpicked for their shared ethos, incredible work and collaborative nature.

What you can expect when you join

  • A supportive community of likeminded friends 

  • Exciting projects with forward-thinking brands

  • Events and workshops

Ready to join us?

Ready to work with us?


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