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Diversity + 
on set policy

Creating safer sets for everyone

Being a minority in the industry we have a heightened lack of tolerance for racism, discrimination, harassment or hate. ​

We strive to continue to challenge these stats by ensuring at least 70% of our crews are gender diverse when the national average is currently 22%.

We actively monitor our sets to ensure they are diverse - considering: cultural diversity, racial diversity, religious diversity, age diversity, sex/gender diversity, sexual orientation, disability.

Crew safety + concessions:

  • ​We aim to keep our production days to 10 hours maximum when we can

  • Crew to only work in departments they are trained to do so

  • Electrical, water, and height safety on set

  • Qualified crew members for stunts, and technical productions

  • Risk assessments

  • Regular breaks and hot healthy food during lunch time

  • Access to adequate facilities on set with access to free personal care if required 

  • Adequate rest periods between night and day shoot

  • Being flexible for crew with children or crew with carer roles

  • Being flexible for crew with part-time jobs

  • Looking after crew who may be pregnant and ensuring they have adequate rest and facilities

  • Looking after crew that may have hormonal conditions that require regular breaks and time to take medication

  • Ensuring crew gets paid on time

  • Ensuring that all crew gets home safely

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